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The All Glory Project is proud to fund Operation Free Ride events.

An outreach program of the Horses4Heroes non-profit based in Nevada, Operation Free Ride provides a free, easy opportunity for military, veterans, first-responders and their families to experience the therapeutic experience of riding and interacting with horses. Beyond riding, the events offer family bonding games, peer-to-peer interaction, optional counseling, good food and even live music. 

Operation Free Ride is a collaboration between breed associations and equestrian organizations, uniting in support of our nation’s troops and their families. Interested families should register at www.operationfreeride.com. Equestrian facilities that want to participate should visit www.Operationfreeride.com to register their facility. Riding experiences may vary from facility to facility and families will be requested to abide by each facilities’ rules. Program is available to all ages, all riding levels and all disciplines (English and western) are offered. For more information, visit www.operationfreeride.com.




Queen of Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. - Located in Jurupa Valley, CA,  Queen of Hearts proudly began its equine services for heroes program in 2009, specifically designed to work with the needs of wounded veterans. The veterans that they offer services to come to them with a variety of issues that can be addressed with equine activities so many of their sessions may include riding lessons combined with horsemanship skills that emphasizes using those skills to address behavioral or physical disabilities. They understand the importance of having volunteers with military or law enforcement background so that their clients are surrounded by people that have a better understanding of the veterans’ experiences and feelings regarding their challenges..


PATH Int'l Equine Services for Heroes (formerly NARHA Horse for Heroes)

Military veterans who return from combat can have  physical and mental conditions that can cause depression and anxiety and lead  to substance abuse and other serious issues while affecting their relationships  with family and friends. A unique program called PATH Equine Services for Heroes is  using the healing power of the horse to help these veterans. 

In 2010, Central Kentucky riding for Hope, in Lexington, KY began a Horses for Heroes program.  The objective of this program is to enhance outcomes and improve quality of life for veterans and their families post deployment by providing equine assisted activities. Veterans will work with a horse to develop skills that will help them: transition back to community, family and life; develop skills for interpersonal relationships; accept physiological changes; identify worldview changes; develop and achieve life goals.  Equine assisted activities and therapies offered at CKRH include: therapeutic horsemanship (non-mounted); therapeutic riding (mounted); psycho-educational (non-mounted); psychotherapy (non-mounted); therapeutic carriage driving. Denise Spittler, CKRH Program Director says “Our focus is to develop programs that help veterans transition back into the community, family and work-place.  We also focus on helping the family during this transition.  Simply said ‘just getting back to living’.”





BraveHearts provides equine-assisted activities and therapies with teams of expert staff, dedicated volunteers and therapy horses at multiple safe and caring facilities. In addition to serving children and adults, BraveHearts provides innovative services to meet the needs of our military veterans and their families. BraveHearts is a center of excellence within the therapeutic industry through its unique efforts in programming, education and research.

BraveHearts Theraputic Riding and Educational Center’s “Boot Camp”- A week-long family camp to aids veterans in recovery, reconnecting them with family life and community interaction via equine activities. – The All Glory Project can sponsor one veteran/family for $7,500









Stolen Horse International / NetPosse.com

NetPosse a division of Stolen Horse International, Inc. is EVERY equestrian's key resource, by not only providing valuable information and assistance in recovering lost, stolen or missing horses, but by also taking a major role in educating the public on equine theft and loss prevention. Thanks to the speed of the internet, NetPosse can round up a modern day version of a posse within minutes of filing a report. An alert and call to action goes out to a network of volunteers bent on returning your lost equine or property.



Our Friend Rob Foley has an amazing story

A Different Journey- Full Circle from UNE Research Office on Vimeo.

A Different Journey from Robert Foley on Vimeo.



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