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Comments for Alabama

Jody McLee on 11/11/2015 at 07:54 says:

I am proud to be from a family that has fought in the majority of Americas wars from the Revolution to Desert Storm our family fought. We missed 1812 and the Spanish-American only because of a generational hiccup. My GGGG Grandfather fought in the Revolution as a Major from SC, my GG Grandfather was taken prisoner by the Union because he was old enough to fight and piloted the Shoals of the Tennessee River and was never heard from again, my Grandfather was in Basic when WWI ended I still have pictures of him in his uniform. In WWII five members of our family volunteered and served in Europe, Korea and Vietnam saw my Uncle's hunting skills put to use as a sniper. A cousin was killed fighting to expose corruption against Vets by a Police Dept near a Base, a second followed my Uncle's example as a sniper in the Korean DMZ and then during Desert Storm. Once again we are in a generational gap, so I salute all of our Vets and their families for fighting that others might know the rights gained by my GGGG Grandfather Major Thomas Gross.

WOW! A proud history, indeed.

- All Glory Project
Jody McLee on 11/11/2013 at 17:45 says:

I honor all the veterans in my family who have fought for America since the Revolution. They fought for freedom for us and others as well. May God watch over all those who fight for freedom.

We hear you J.M.! Way to represent Alabama!

- All Glory Project
Your name...Elizabeth shatner on 7/14/2012 at 03:42 says:

Thanks Lexington Junior League for supporting TAGP and providing a charity table and time on your jumbotron to play our public service announcement. Joining forces through horses . Gratitude from our TAG Team.

Babs Hamilton on 7/10/2012 at 18:56 says:

As a Canadian wife/mother of serving members, I fully understand the emotional toll of having a loved one overseas taking the stand with others against those that threaten the world's sanctuary. We are the ones that smile and claim everything is good when asked how we are coping. We are the ones that try not to show just how concerned we are about our loved ones out fighting "the battle". We are the ones that make sure everything back home keeps on going in their absence. We are the ones that cry ourselves to sleep at night because we are afraid and feel somewhat alone. We are the ones that are too proud to ask for help at times telling ourselves it would make us look weak...and we need to be strong for our absent loved ones. It's to all those women (I can only speak of how a woman feels) that I would like to pay tribute to. You are a brave and very strong entity in the lives of our soldiers, regardless of what country they come from. We all stand together for the same cause and we all contribute in our own way. To you all I say "thank you" for without your strength in keeping the home fires burning, our troops would not be able to carry out their task as they have been trained to do. Knowing that those at home are under the loving care of their "women" (and men/family members of course) these soldiers are able to concentrate on the task at hand knowing that the importance of what they do is reflected in just that...home. I thank these wives/husband/families for their support both to their soldiers and to the others that share the same challenge. God Bless!

Babs is totally right. Just like one needs a solid foundation for a house, supporting our returning soldiers' support system is the only way to truly help them re-build. That's why The All Glory Project especially supports centers that provide programs for family re-itegration and spousal/child support!

- All Glory Project
Stephanie Osborn on 7/6/2012 at 14:07 says:

I used to work in the space program, training astronauts on experiments to be flown on the Space Shuttle. They may not serve in the same way as a soldier, but serve they do, and occasionally give their all in the process. So this is a respectful dedication to my personal friend Kalpana Chawla, and the other members of the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia on her final voyage; as well as to the Challenger Seven. They were explorers and scientists, first and foremost, and without them, and their gallant sacrifice, our lives would be the poorer. May we always remember that, sometimes, humankind’s advances take everything we have to give, of our best and our brightest. May we never take them ��" our best, or our advances ��" for granted.

Excellent point Stephaie! 


- All Glory Project

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